What Heals You?

What Heals You is an interactive experience. Please watch the video and respond below ↓
Artist: Olivia Brouwer

In this video, I perform a re-enactment of the story in John 9:1-12, in which a man’s sight is restored when mud is put in his eyes by Jesus. I intend to address the different ways of experiencing blindness – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The purpose of the story is to show the role of nature in God’s curing of blindness and how the material earth can be a source of healing. Nature can be a sacred space where we can reconnect with a holistic view of creation when our world is consumed with stressful distractions that causes blindness. In response to the video, the viewer is invited to share where they find their source of healing in the comments below.


One thought on “What Heals You?

  1. Thank you. I read this for ny son. He is seven. Way to go. You got our attention. We love trees too.
    Nadine and David.

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